Welcome to Nate Turner Photography

We hope that you enjoy your visit to Nate Turner Photography and find our content both enjoyable and inspirational. Our goal at NTP is 100% customer satisfaction. We strive for excellence and we are committed to capturing photos that bring smiles to faces and make you want to stare awhile. Don’t worry — it’s okay if you stare here, we hope you do! We also hope that you’re inspired to take your camera with you the next time you take a stroll…that would make our day.

More About NTP

Founded in 2008, Nate Turner Photography has tackled wedding, concert, pet, portrait, and stock photography. “If it’s something to remember, it’s worth photographing,” says Nate. “There are infinite instances in life that are worth remembering; will you remember them?”

“The one thing that keeps me coming back to photography is my obsession of putting myself into a ‘paused’ world that has been forever captured by a camera.” Nate knows he sounds strange but insists, “The next time you’re in a museum, put yourself into a world caught by an old photograph and think about what might have happened seconds after that photo was taken. What was said? What wasn’t said? Did they laugh? Did they cry? Did the building burn to the ground? Did the birds fly away? Did the photographer live to take another photo? It’s a bit strange, but that’s what keeps me going.”

Having spent the first thirty years of his life in Wisconsin, Nate has stomped through forests, crossed streams and climbed mountains in search of his next photograph. He prefers the countryside to the city. He enjoys his coffee in the morning. He loves spending time with his family. He appreciates good conversation. He loves his wife. He loves his motorcycle. He loves his cats. He wants a dog. And he sometimes thinks he’s Ferris Bueller. Nate and his wife, Jessica, currently live in Charleston, SC, where they can’t get enough of the ocean, sunshine and lack of snow.